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Triple DigiCAM is a medium-format airborne digital camera system for professional, but affordable digital aerial photography. It is specialized for an extreme wide swath width. Combined with IGI's flight management system CCNS4 and AEROcontrol GNSS/IMU system, Triple DigiCAM forms a complete solution for an extremely rapid and automated workflow for the generation of directly georeferenced images.


Field of view (FOV) for different camera installations:

  • Triple DigiCAM, 175 Mpixels - 26,028 x 6,716 pixels across track
  • Triple DigiCAM, 145 Mpixels - 23,664 x 6,132 pixels across track
  • Triple DigiCAM, 112 Mpixels - 20,784 x 5,412 pixels across track



Triple DigiCAM FOV across track




Specifications Triple DigiCAM across track

Image Size 175 Mpixels, 26,028 x 6,716 pixels
Pixel Size 6.0 µm
Maximum Frame Rate 1.6 sec
SSD Storage Units Storage Units for 5800 images (1.5 TB)
Image Size 145 Mpixels, 23,664 x 6,132 pixels
Pixel Size 6.0 µm
Maximum Frame Rate 1.6 sec
SSD Storage Units Storage Units for 6960 images (1.5 TB)
Image Size 112 Mpixels, 20,784 x 5,412 pixels
Pixel Size 6.0 µm
Maximum Frame Rate 1.2 sec
SSD Storage Units Storage Units for 8800 images (1.5 TB)


Triple DigiCAM System Specifications
Filter array Interchangeable Color (RGB) or Color-Infrared (CIR)
Shutter Electronically controlled leaf shutter
Shutter speed options 1/800 to 1/125 sec
Analog to digital conversion 16 bit
Lenses 80, 100, 150 and 210 mm
Image data formats TIFF, JPEG, DNG (optionally 8 or 16 bit)
Maximum aperture 2,2 (@ 100 mm)
Maximum operating altitude No limits with SSD
Physical dimensions (mm)

DigiControl with Storage Units

8" TFT touch-screen

227w x 140h x 200d

212w x 162h x 36d

Weight (kg)

Camera Body

Lens (approximately)


8" TFT touch-screen





Power Consumption

at Full Performance



8" TFT touch-screen

15W @ 20 ... 30 VDC

90W @ 20 ... 30 VDC

15W @ 20 ... 30 VDC



  • Affordable medium-format airborne digital camera system
  • Ruggedized, compact and lightweight design
  • Pilot-only missions possible
  • Up to 175 Megapixels high resolution system; extreme wide swath width
  • Image repetition rate up to 1.2 sec
  • FMC by BCM, Blur Control Management: A higher shutter speed plus extended radiometric CCD range is operated to compensate motion blur
  • RGB or CIR images possible
  • Automated workflow
  • Automated release of exposures at pre-planned positions
  • Loss-free raw data format of photographs
  • Calibrated camera system
  • Compliance of a pre-defined overlap
  • Integration with CCNS4 aircraft guidance, positioning and sensor management system offers fully automated operations
  • Integration with AEROcontrol possible for direct georeferencing and integrated sensor orientation
  • DigiCAM and AEROcontrol form the perfect combination for orthophoto production of aerial surveys within a day
  • IGI provides mount adapters for most common mounts