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Using the very latest laser scanning technology coupled with a high precision navigation system, IGI and 3D Laser Mapping have joined forces to offer a novel 3D mapping system to scan roads, buildings and trees from a moving vehicle.


StreetMapper uses well-proven laser scanning technology to capture the position of up to 600,000 3D point measurements per second whilst in motion. The typical positional accuracy is better than 2cm and the point-to-point accuracy within the data is 1cm.


The system is extremely versatile and can be deployed on various vehicles:

  • Typical van (usually with a high roof)
  • 4x4 vehicle
  • Quad bike (larger models)
  • Boat
  • Train

Two standard systems have been established:


StreetMapper 360

tl_files/IGI/Produkte/StreetMapper/StreetMapper_360.jpgStreetMapper 360 offers a 360-degree field of view, a measurement range of 300m and a scanning speed of 300kHz per sensor, delivering high precision performance and coverage. The V-Line range of scanners from Riegl combines new, higher performance sensors with internal waveform processing to record unlimited returns per laser pulse and complete digital processing. An integrated high-resolution digital camera can be used to capture either still or video images.


An innovative lifting sensor platform has significantly improved the protection of both equipment and personnel during installation, use and routine maintenance. The scanners are protected from the elements during mobilisation, and can be removed from sight when not in use. As modular system, StreetMapper 360 has been proven in environments ranging from the Arctic Circle to Singapore.

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StreetMapper Portable

tl_files/IGI/Produkte/StreetMapper/StreetMapper_Portable.jpgStreetMapper Portable offers the same top-specification sensors as the StreetMapper 360 system, but built around a lightweight mounting system and compact control and power unit. The compact design of the StreetMapper Portable system enables it to be packed away into just three medium sized cases suitable as checked in luggage at an airport.

In addition to this, the intelligent design of the system enables it to be installed or unistalled in under an hour. This enables the system to be used worldwide, scanning in Europe one day and the United States the next!

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