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StreetMapper Portable

StreetMapper uses well-proven laser scanning technology to capture the position of up to 300,000 3D point measurements per second whilst in motion. The typical positional accuracy is better than 2cm and the point-to-point accuracy within the data is 1cm.


Precision Navigation

The onboard navigation system includes a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver, a fibre optic gyro-based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and the latest Direct Inertial Aiding (DIA) to assist in areas of poor GPS reception. StreetMapper 360 and StreetMapper Portable are the only systems on the market to offer this level of precision navigation, which has been proven to increase the speed with which the GPS receiver gets back to high positional accuracy after a loss of signal by up to 5 seconds.



An inherent feature of LiDAR data is that it is acquired, processed and delivered in a digital format, making it very easy to work with and to create data products that meet a wide range of needs. The system is easy to mobilise and immediately after the survey the data is processed to provide point data with XYZ position and reflective intensity. Depending upon the customer’s requirements, the data can be processed and analysed further:

  • Classification of laser data (for example ground, vegetation, buildings, wires)
  • Vectorisation of laser data
  • Measurement of features
  • 3D modelling and texturing


Optical DME for best results

Compared to the wheel Distance Measurement Equipment (DME), the optical DME has the advantage of not being influenced by changes in the radius of the wheel. These changes of the effective radius (caused e.g. by temperature changes) introduce an unknown scalefactor to the measurement. StreetMapper uses optical DME to achieve best results!


Ease of Use

StreetMapper 360 and StreetMapper Portable have dedicated control screens that shows status information and allows the data capture parameters to be adjusted. Operations that require a higher level of skill, such as GPS processing, are undertaken post-mission using sophisticated software for processing the collected navigation data, laser survey measurements and camera or video images. StreetMapper 360 and StreetMapper Portable also include mission control and route planning software.


Specifications Laser Scanner

Laser Scanner VQ250
Pulse Repetition Rate 300 kHz
Effective Measurement Rate 300 kHz
Max. range (reflectivity ρ ≥ 80%) 300m
Accuracy 10mm
Repeatability 10mm
Scanning angle 360°
Scanning rate 100 scans/sec
Number of targets per pulse Unlimited
Angular resolution 0.009°
Angular accuracy 0.001°
Eye-safety Class 1 eye-safe
Beam divergence 0.3 mrad
Dimension (diameter x length) 280 x 376 mm
Weight 12.5 kg
Operating temperature -10°C to +40°C
Protection class IP64


Average Point Density

Average Point Density (pts/m² @ 5m range)
  25 kph 30 kph 60 kph 80 kph 100 kph
One laser scanner
1375 860 573 430 344



  • 360° Field of View
  • 300 kHz effective measurement rate
  • 300,000 3D points per second whilst in motion
  • 300 m scanning range
  • Graphical user interface with touch-screen
  • Portable system usable around the world
  • Precise Navigation using TerraControl with DIA
  • Rapid Mapping during Traffic
  • Flexible deployment. The system can be used on a high-roof van, 4x4, quad bike or boat