Products overview

Modular Sensor Systems

Sharing components throughout IGI's product portfolio has several benefits. Besides a common user interface, less hardware components are required which saves money and lowers the maintenance effort.


IGI's modular system concept allows the customer to start with the investment of basic components and add components/modules to his assets whenever the market, special projects, new developments or other requirements demand them.

IGI's four product groups supporting the modularity:

  • Mission Planning & Documentation
  • Aircraft Guidance & Sensor Management
  • Precise Position and Attitude Determination (GPS & IMU)
  • Aerial Sensors
    • Modular Aerial Camera Systems
    • Modular Aerial Thermal Systems
    • Airborne LiDAR Terrain Mapping System
    • Mobile Mapping System


Except for the camera, DigiCAM and DigiTHERM systems share the same components. Exchange between both systems is done by switching the camera cable!

The large format aerial camera, Quattro DigiCAM, can be converted to a Quattro DigiCAM Oblique in a few hours. Just install the system in a suitable camera pod.


Customer requests

Along with its own products, IGI provides the integration of third party sensors and offers special adaptations and developments on customer request. Please contact us for further detail.