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AEROoffice & TERRAoffice v5.3 released

12-10-2011 12:00



IGI, a leading guidance and navigation specialist, has recently announced a new major release of its leading post-processing software AEROoffice & TERRAoffice - version 5.3. TERRAoffice is a branch of AEROoffice and corporates special features for StreetMapper & RailMapper users.

There are major improvements within this new version especially for processing data of urban areas. Please have a look at the screenshot below which shows the trajectories from TERRAoffice v5.2 (pink) and TERRAoffice v5.3 (green). Release v5.3 includes an improved handling of zero velocity intervalls and intervalls with poor GNSS conditions.


Also notable new and improved features:

DIA+ for SMU (with GLONASS and GPS)
For newer SMU AEROcontrol units, Direct Inertial Aiding is possible together with GPS and GLONASS.
This feature is available from AEROcontrol firmware 4.1.8... or later.

DMC-II support

Since firmware revision 3.81t the CCNS4 does support the DMC-II (appropriate DCI needed).

Zoom with mouse wheel for plot windows - For easy daily work it is now possible to zoom with the mouse wheel. Standard Wheel - Zoom X-axis; Wheel+SHIFT key - Zoom Y-axis.

Image footprint in local datum - The text file which comes along with the kml file now contains image corner coordinates in the local datum.

New plot feature - A new feature to monitor vibrations of the sensor system with full IMU data rate.

For further details, please have a look at the release notes (AEROoffice/TERRAoffice).

The software update is free for users with valid support contract. You can easily download it right now from MyIGI within IGI's website.
If you need any help with your upgrade or support contract, please contact IGI.

Link to AEROoffice v5.3:

Link to TERRAoffice v5.3:

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