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IGIplan - Mission Planning Software

IGIplan is an advanced mission planning software. Supporting over 600 local coordinate systems and all aerial cameras and sensors, it is prepared for every kind of mission. Working together with the CCNS, flight missions can be planned and flown in one connected workflow. The intuitive graphical user interface and its real time computation of flight lines helps the operator in his day-to-day business. As a special feature, IGIplan includes GoogleEarth™ format support to show end-customers results in their familiar environment.


Some highlights are:

  • Intuitive interactive modification of mission planning objects (e.g. flight lines, blocks, automatic area coverage, automatic track coverage, ...)

  • Mutiple sensor support for digital & analog cameras, LiDAR, Linescanner

  • Support for oblique camera systems
  • Advanced DTM support (automatic leveling, automatic exposure frequency, live GSD classification)

  • Import of self-defined WMS servers
  • Import and export of Google Earth kml-files


Create / Modify Mission Planning Objects interactively

With just a few mouse clicks it is possible to create flight lines, blocks, automatically covered polygonal areas and automatically covered polygonal tracks. Attributes such as length, orientation or extent of area are interactively modifiable via mouse dragging. Please watch the video for a quick demonstration.

Block creation:

Multiple Sensor Support

IGIplan supports analog cameras, digital cameras, LiDAR, and line scanners by design. Common sensor systems are natively supported by IGIplan. However, the user can set specific sensor parameters with the integrated sensor editor. Depending on the sensor type, miscelleneous mission planning parameters can be adjusted to define the altitude above ground level (AGL).


Extended DTM Support

IGIplan adds extended digital terrain model (DTM) support. There are interactive mission planning objects for automatic creation of leveled flight plans depending on an acceptable interval of altitude above ground level. Other mission planning objects dynamically change the distance between exposures (and the distance between flight lines for a block), keeping the flight altitude constant during the mission.

Example with GSD Classification:

Support for Google Earth KML-Files

IGIplan can import and export many raster- and vector-map formats, including the keyhole markup language (KML) format used by Google Earth. Within Google Earth, you can define polygonal areas or tracks and transfer these to IGIplan via the KML format. IGIplan can create coverages of these target areas automatically. Afterwards export the mission planning to a KML file, which in turn can be imported in Google Earth along with your defined polygons. This is a very helpful way to show end-customers results in their familiar environment.

Google Earth example:


  • GoogleEarth (*.kml) format support
  • More than 600 local coordinate systems
  • Support for all common aerial cameras and sensors
  • Raster & vector map support for common file formats
  • Support for many DTM raster formats
  • Drag and modify flight lines interactively
  • Automatic altitude determination through sensor specific
    mission planning parameters (GSD, picture scale)
  • Planning and creation of flight lines, blocks or tracks with
    automatic levels using DTM
  • Live GSD Classification; Colorization of DTM to determine areas where given data resolution is within your set constraints
  • Import of self-defined WMS servers
  • Full support for IGI's CCNS4
  • 3D view of the flight plan
  • Multiple Undo / Redo
  • Video tutorials


System requirements:

Intel Pentium® , Core™ or equivalent processor
Microsoft® Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or 3; Windows Vista® with Service Pack 1; Windows 7
512 MB of RAM
3D Nvidia graphic device recommended
150 MB of available hard disk space


IGIplan License Options:

IGI offers flexible licensing options to meet your specific requirements:


Evaluation Licenses or (Demo Licenses)

Evaluation licenses are time-limited licenses expiring after a given number of days:


Local Licenses:

A local IGIplan license enables the licensee to work on a single specified computer. You can install IGIplan on as many different computers as you like, but the hardware dongle needs to be plugged to the computer.


Example: A user has both a laptop and a desktop computer. He needs to run IGIplan on both, but never at the same time. IGIplan will run on the one with the dongle plugged in.


Best suited for:

  • Pilots or operators who work on different sites


Network Licenses:

A network license enables a number of concurrent users to simultaneously access a single IGIplan deployment without exchanging the hardware dongle. IGIplan software is installed on a machine that acts as a license server by issuing a license to any client computer that requests one. If the number of user requests exceeds the number of server licenses purchased, a user will need to wait until one of the active IGIplan users closes IGIplan on their computer so that the IGIplan license is returned to the license server.


Example: Ten people need to use IGIplan but only five people will likely need to be using the software at the same point in time. IGIplan is installed on each user's computer. Any workstation can run IGIplan, but a maximum of five workstations can access IGIplan at any one time. If a sixth person tries to use IGIplan, he will have to wait until one of the first five users has finished using the application.


Best suited for:

  • Many operators who work in the same office and want to save swapping the USB dongle
  • Many operators who work in different offices or over a VPN Network


Upgrape to IGIplan from WinMP

If you own a WinMP license, then it is no problem for you to upgrade to the state-of-the-art mission planning software IGIplan. Please ask for our special upgrade prices for WinMP users.


Upgrade Process:

Upgrading to IGIplan is very simple. With IGIplan you will get a new USB dongle. On this new dongle, you have one license for IGIplan and one for WinMP. You just need one dongle for both programs. After a transition time of 30 days, please send your old WinMP dongle back to IGI.


IGIplan upgrade