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How to find out Support and Maintenance Expiration Date in IGIplan software protection key (CodeMeter)

Background info

The IGIplan software protection key (CodeMeter) contains a license to use IGIplan. This license has no time limit, there is no need to refresh the license, e.g. in a yearly manner as done before with WinMP.

With buying an IGIplan license you have one year of support and maintenance included. You will not be able to start IGIplan versions which are released after your support & maintenance expiration date.


Support and Maintenance Expiration Date

Since IGIplan v1.1.3 your support & maintenance expiration date can be found in the IGIplan splash screen




or from the “About IGIplan” dialog.




To extend the support and maintenance period for another year, you will have to put a new license file on your CodeMeter.


To find out the end of support and maintenance from CodeMeter (pre 1.1.3)

First start the CodeMeter Control Center via the Start Menu of Windows: 'CodeMeter -> CodeMeter Control Conter'. You should see the Control Center:




Start the WebAdmin. This will start your Internet Browser (InternetExplorer, Firefox, ...) and show you an administration tool for the CodeMeter system.




You will see in the IGI mbH license area a Product Code 1000. Under Name you should find the end of support noted.

A deeper check can be done if you click on the 1000 link. This will give you license details:




where you can find the end date of your support and maintenance license, too.


Last update on 15-03-2010 by Philipp Grimm.

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