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Geospatial Expo 2012 in Yokohama

21-06-2012 - 23-06-2012


Anything happening in our daily life has two attributes – WHEN and WHERE. Information on "WHEN and WHERE" and relevant information are collectively called Geospatial Information. Anytime, anywhere and for anybody --- Geospatial society where geospatial information is highly utilized to enhance the safety and quality of our daily lives.
Industry, academia and administration in Japan are cooperating to hold Geospatial EXPO 2012 Japan --- the second EXPO to focus on exploring technologies, products and services applied to the present and future Geospatial society.


At the Geospatial EXPO 2012 Japan, symposiums, exhibition, and various events for experimenting will be held. Through these events Geospatial EXPO will create a community where geospatial information will be used more extensively by promoting the exchange of goods and information, the further development of technologies, products and services, and exploring new ideas on the creation of new industries.


As a partner with Mirukuru, IGI will present their newest innovations and we hereby invite you to visit us at the Geospatial Expo in Yokohama.


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G-Expo 2012, Japan

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