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DigiCAM - Digital Aerial Camera

Having started as an extension to LiteMapper, DigiCAM has quickly developed into a successful aerial camera. In recent years, IGI's approach to change DigiCAM to a modular system was succsessful. As of today, there are five different and unique camera systems:


Consisting of a single camera, the system targets at professional, but affordable digital aerial photography. With a lens of 50mm it is an ideal solution together with airborne LiDAR.

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Dual DigiCAM

Because of its modularity, Dual DigiCAM is an extremly flexible aerial camera system. It is possible to get both color and color-infrared images or to get a larger image with 118 Mpixels, even oblique images are possible.

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Triple DigiCAM

This system is for an extreme wide swath width with 175 Mpixels resolution.

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Quattro DigiCAM

Quattro DigiCAM is part of the IGI DigiCAM range since 2008. It is not only the first large format aerial camera from IGI but also a very flexible one as it fits the Modular Concept of the DigiCAM series. With an overall resolution of 235 Mpixels, the system offers the highest resolution on the market and thereby reduces the number of flight-lines.

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Penta DigiCAM

Penta DigiCAM is optimized for oblique images. The system has four oblique and one vertical camera head. With this solution, both nadir & oblique georeferenced images are captured in a single flight.

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