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AEROcontrol is IGI's GPS/IMU system for the precise determination of position and attitude of an airborne sensor. This can be the position of the projection center and the angles omega, phi, kappa of the aerial camera system or an airborne laser scanner.

The AEROcontrol system consists of an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU-IIe) based on fibre-optic gyros (FOG) and a Sensor Management Unit (SMU) with integrated high end GPS receiver. There are three different systems available with different accuracies.

AEROcontrol can be operated either as a stand-alone system or combined with other Sensor Management Units via its ethernet interface. Because of its modular design, the AEROcontrol SMU can be adapted to customer needs easily. The SMU can manage three different events (eg. trigger for camera or real-time data) and one IMU input.


AEROcontrol Benefits

The accuracy ot the AEROcontrol is sufficient for direct georeferencing for almost all aerial sensors. The obtained angular accuracy matches nicely with the "single pixel FOV" of modern digital aerial cameras and the geometrical resolution of airborne LiDAR systems.
In case the directly measured positions and orientations should be used to support an automatic aerial triangulation process, AEROoffice provides an easy interface for AT software packages. For large scale photogrammetric projects, where a higher accuracy is required, the use of AEROcontrol results as additional information for an aerial triangulation (Integrated Sensor Orientation) leads to large savings in GCP's and processing time. Together with digital imaging sensors, this ISO (Integrated Sensor Orienation) results in an optimal georeferencing result with a minimum of manual interaction.

AEROcontrol combined with CCNS4 is the standard guidance and GPS/IMU solution for the Intergraph DMC, the LiteMapper airborne LiDAR system and the StreetMapper (modified version called TERRAcontrol) mobile LiDAR system.


Depending on GPS constellation and distance from GPS Base/Monitor Station, a positioning accuracy better than 0.05m RMS and an attitude accuracy of 0.01deg RMS for heading and 0.004deg RMS for roll and pitch is achievable in post-processing.


Installation material for the IMU, including a mechanical adapter plate, is available for most common camera systems or will be custom build. The following aerial camera systems are supported:


Digital Aerial Camera Systems   Analog Aerial Camera Systems
  • IGI:

Complete DigiCAM camera range

Complete DigiTHERM camera range

  • Microsoft/Vexcel:

Complete UltraCam camera range

  • Intergraph:

DMC series

  • DiMAC Systems:

DiMAC series

  • Wehrli/Geosystem:


  • Rollei Metric:

AIC series

  • Jena-Optronik:

JAS 150s

  • Leica Geosystems:

RC10, RC10A, RC20, RC30

  • Carl Zeiss Jena:

LMK, LMK1000, LMK2000

  • Zeiss-Oberkochen/Z/I Imaging/Intergraph:



Precice Levelling - Get the most out of your mount!

Precise Levelling is an option for IGI's AEROcontrol system. With Precise Levelling, the mount stabilisation will be managed by the AEROcontrol system. The very accurate position and attitude data of the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) are used to calculate the best possible parameters for drift, roll and pitch.


In a standard operation, roll and pitch are controlled by the mount and the drift parameter is controlled by the flight guidance system through data from the directional gyro (DG) of the airplane. The accuracy of the airplane's DG and the internal roll and pitch sensors of the mount are not sufficient for today's tasks. With AEROcontrol's Precise Levelling, excellent results can be achieved.

Supported Mounts

Mount Drift Roll Pitch
Z/I Mount



AEROoffice is IGI's data handling and post-processing software for the AEROcontrol system. It provides all functions and tools necessary for processing, Exterior Orientation (EO) calculation, quality control and export of the collected GPS and IMU data.


AEROoffice contains powerful tools to

  • do a quick integrity check and provide a backup of the collected data directly after the flight mission.
  • process GPS and IMU data.
  • calculate the coordinate transformations to the local mapping systems.
  • analyse the quality of the different data sources (GPS, IMU and aerial triangulation) and of the final results.
  • take dynamic lever arm changes into account. (These occur during the use of stabilized sensor mounts)
  • export the results to different standard formats and to defined customized formats.



  • Integrated powerful aerial triangulation (AT) package
  • Forward/backward Kalman filter algorithm to achieve optimal results even under challenging conditions
  • Complete integration of BINGO aerial triangulation package for Integrated Sensor Orientation (ISO) and boresight calibration for Direct Georeferencing (DG) without additional aerial triangulation software
  • The simplified user interface allows to obtain optimal results for all users without extensive training and experience



  AEROcontrol SMU IMU-IIe
Physical Dimensions

65 mm (2.56 inches)
140 mm (5.51 inches)
205 mm (8.07 inches)

126 mm (4.96 inches)
146 mm (5.75 inches)
98 mm (3.86 inches)
Weight of System
1.8 kg (3.97 pounds) 2.2 kg (4.85 pounds)
Power Consumption
at Full Performance
35W @ 20 ... 30 VDC 20W @ 20 ... 30 VDC


  AEROcontrol I** AEROcontrol II** AEROcontrol III
Position [m] 0.05 0.05 0.05
Velocity [m/s] 0.005 0.005 0.005
Roll / Pitch [deg] 0.008 0.004 0.003
True heading [deg] 0.015 0.01 0.007
Available data rates 128 Hz or 256 Hz 128 Hz or 256 Hz 400 Hz
* Post Processing
** Upgrades to AEROcontrol-II or -III possible at any time


FOG-Bias [deg / h]
FOG-RW (Random Walk) [deg / sqrt(h)]
Accelerometer Bias [mg]
Update and transmission rate
128, 256 or 400 Hz


GPS Receiver
  Internal: NovAtel OEMV-3
  Ethernet: Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port
  Serial Ports: 2 x RS232, 1 x RS422
  Discretes: PPS Output, 3 x Event Mark Input

  • Combination with flight management system CCNS4 or as stand-alone system
  • DIA - Direct Inertial Aiding to assist in areas of poor GPS reception
  • Precise Levelling for stabilized mounts
Processing Software
  AEROoffice for IMU post-processing,
  incl. GrafNav & BINGO30 for GPS post-processing & aerial triangulation
Data Storage
  8 (default), 16 or 32 GB ExpressCard

Features & Benefits:

  • System for Direct Georeferencing

No Cross Lines

No S-Turns

No Double 8 Turns

  • Only 4 Ground Control Points (GCP) needed
  • Dynamic Leverarm Measurement
  • High accuracy up to 400 Hz
  • 3x Event Input
  • 1x IMU Input
  • Express Card for data storage
  • Small in size and weight
  • Fully automated GPS/IMU data post-processing with AEROoffice
  • Complete Solution with IMU-IIe & AEROoffice