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IGI is one of the world's leading geospatial companies and conducts business worldwide. Integrating various sensors with our positioning system and offering complete sensor solutions for airborne and mobile survey missions are our areas of expertise. The innovative spirit of IGI is reflected in our products.


Our customized concept provides modular, but also durable and easy to use, turn-key solutions, which offer high end quality in its deliverables at the best possible accuracy. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable and smart geospatial solutions.


Our expertise in optics, electronics, mechanics, software development and analytics is driven by our highly qualified employees and their commitment. IGI fosters people and organizations to work together efficiently and use equipment effectively to stay ahead of the competition.



Mission Planning & Documentation

The advanced mission planning software IGIplan extends the well-known mission planning software WinMP. Featuring worldwide coordinate system support, advanced sensor support for analog and digital aerial cameras, LiDAR and online scanners, IGIplan is the state-of-the-art mission planning software. Combined with CCNS, flights can be planned and flown in one workflow. The intuitive user interface and real-time calculation of flightlines supports the user in his daily work. Exporting the mission plan to Google Earth™, results can be presented to end-customers very quickly.


Flight Management Systems

The Computer Controlled Navigation System - CCNS - today is one of the leading systems for aircraft guidance. The 4th generation of CCNS systems is in production since 1991 and is worldwide over 500 times in use. The system supports all common airborne digital & analog camera systems as well as other sensor systems such as LiDAR, hyperspectral etc.


GNSS/IMU Positioning Systems

In 1996 AEROcontrol was introduced, a DGPS/IMU system for precise determination of position and attitude of various sensors. To date, IGI has improved the positional accuracy to 0.05m RMS, attitude accuracy to 0.003° and more than 300 systems are in operation worldwide.


Modular Aerial Camera Systems

DigiCAM is a Modular Aerial Camera System for professional, but affordable digital aerial photography. The product range varies from a medium format camera with 80 megapixels up to a large format camera with 235 megapixels. Because of the modular design, camera systems for oblique images are possible, too. Both color images (RGB) and color-infrared (CIR) images are available.


Complementing the DigiCAM family is a system for professional airborne thermography named DigiTHERM, featuring a pixel resolution of 640x480 or even 1240x480 in the Dual DigiTHERM setup.


LiDAR Systems (Light Detection And Ranging)

LiDAR is an optical remote sensing technology for distance measurement. Like the similar radar technology - which uses radio waves - the range to an object is determined by measuring the time delay between the transmission of a light pulse and the detection of its reflected signal. IGI uses Riegl scanners for their LiteMapper systems. These laser scanners measure multiple pulses in one laser beam. Coupled with IGI's position and attitude determination system AEROcontrol, LiteMapper scans the Earth's surface from the air. During post-processing, millions of points evolve to a landscape 3D model that is used in many applications.

To obtain accurate 3D models for building facades and looking into road conditions, IGI and the British firm 3D Laser Mapping joined forces to build a mobile LiDAR system, StreetMapper. StreetMapper links laser and camera technology with a high-precision positioning system, TERRAcontrol.


UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Together with the dutch firm Geocopter B.V., IGI offers their DigiCAM, DigiTHERM and LiteMapper systems in an unmanned helicopter. The system offers very high mobility, since it can be transported in a standard car. Through the complete remote control from takeoff to landing, the system provides comfort on highest level.

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